Why Use WordPress Login Logout & How to Place It in Your Website Main Menu

Install WordPress login logout in main menu

This article explains why to install WordPress login logout option on the main menu, and how to do it.

As a rule of thumb, a WordPress login logout system is advisable if there are more than one person who access the backend of your WordPress website.

The backend of your WordPress installation is accessed not only by the main admin who could be you, but also by others who are assigned by you to play different user roles.

Since WordPress is primarily a content development tool, therefore by default it comes equipped with 3 user roles (other than the Administrator) who have varying powers to add, edit or delete the contents in the website.

A fifth user role is that of a Subscriber, who, after logging in, can only manage their profile.

All the 5 users are accessing WordPress login logout to get in and out of your website backend.

Usually, if yours is a small business, you’re the only person to access the website backend to perform activities like managing contents, designing the site, managing plugins, managing comments, and so on.

In another scenario, even if your business is small, you may want to outsource some activities like site designing, content creation and editing, etc. to reliable service providers, so that you can focus on your core works.

Let’s take a look at the following schematic that explains the 5 basic user roles that WordPress assigns by default.

User roles decide WordPress login logout access

Can there be more user roles?

By all means, yes!

There will be occasions when, unknown to you as an administrator, new user roles are automatically added as you install different plugins.

For example, if you use an SEO plugin, it auto-installs 2 user roles, namely SEO Editor and SEO Manager. See image below.

User role defined by an SEO plugin

Similarly, if you happen to use a membership plugin, you’d have no less than 6 user roles auto-added to your website, including 4 membership levels and an Instructor.

See image below.

User role defined by membership plugin

All these users will willy-nilly pass through WordPress login logout to enter and exit the backend of your website.

If you install a system to keep the login count of the users, you’ll instantly know which user is accessing the backend and for how many times. This I’ll explain in another post.

Let’s first install WordPress login logout.

Installing WordPress login logout on website menu

The animated illustration below and the screenshot thereafter show what happens when WordPress login logout is available on the main menu.

This is what happens when you refresh your webpage after installing WordPress login logout

Main menu after installing WordPress login logout

And after you login to your website, the menu item automatically toggles to Logout

Logout on main menu after installing WordPress login logout

Let me now explain how to do this.

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