Make loads of money with WordPress business

WordPress business can bring riches

If you are new to WordPress business, you may find it a bit steep on the learning curve. Many critics feel likewise although WordPress supports more than 59% of all CMS websites on the web.

It’s true you need some knowledge of CSS and HTML for doing things like modifying graphics or changing the colors or fonts, or embedding some external objects.

It’s also true that some elementary knowledge of PHP helps.

But for all that, WordPress is - and remains - the most popular CMS for a long, long time. It is said to be used by more than 28.5% of all websites as of this writing.

Like Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is an open-source CMS. It is powered by the PHP scripting language and MySQL database system.

For most users though, it is less of a bother as to what PHP and MySQL are. They are more concerned about running a WordPress business successfully, and making money out of it.

Fortunately, it is great to use on both counts. It’s THE bandwagon which many new ventures want to climb on to.

For good reasons.

The chance to make it big is real, very real, as the figures I quote below for some WordPress businesses clearly show. They are riveting, exciting, and a booster to kickstart your business today.

I've broken the earnings data under 3 heads --

  1. Companies earning from $1K per month up to $1MM per year
  2. Companies making more than $1MM per year
  3. Super earners in Envato marketplaces

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