How to Use Modal Popup in WordPress for Free to Display Any Content

Free modal popup for WordPress frees space on a page.

Why use modal popup in WordPress posts or pages?

My simple answer to that will be in 3 parts –

  1. You can economize on the space you have on a web page.
  2. Modal popup adds zing to the mundane web design.
  3. Adding modal popup is free. That’s right.

You can add any number of modal popups on a page or post to display literally any web content. For free.

For me, the first part is important.

If you ever wished to hide a video or a large image or a form to free some space on your web page, modal popup is the ideal solution you should go for.

Web designers often prefer open space on a page because it then becomes easy to draw visitors’ attention to the main points on the page.

A modal popup in WordPress fits the bill perfectly. It can display nearly anything, image, video, codes, even Google forms, thus freeing up space on the page for other use.

Click on the links below ↓ to see some examples.

  1. Modal popup video
  2. Modal popup PDF
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The above are text links to trigger the modal popups. But you could very easily use thumbnails or even buttons instead.

Check out some examples at quick content tips, and at the free templates pages here and here.

Another point - you can also control the type of the entry and exit of popups and make them exciting and varied as you want.

So you see, possibilities are endless.

Okay, now that you’ve seen the display of anything on a modal popup in WordPress, let me explain how you can do them easily with the help of a WordPress plugin.

Before I discuss the plugin, make sure you’ve child theme installed in your WordPress setup, and you’ve some idea about customizing a WordPress theme.

You need to install a plugin for modal popup in WordPress

Many things that we do in WordPress are made possible with the help of plugins.

Modal popup is no exception, and here I’m going to explain the free plugin you need to install and activate to make this happen.

I'll also explain the steps to have this work for you.

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