How to Customize WordPress Theme & Make It Uniquely Yours in 3 Easy Steps

If you have just started your first WordPress website, and you are eager to know how to customize WordPress theme with minimum hassle, then this post is for you.

A situation like this arises, when

a. you may not know much about HTML and CSS, yet
b. you are eager to give a unique look to your website.

And why not?

Your business or career has an identity that is distinct from others, and it is natural that your website too looks different.

Fortunately, it is not difficult when you want to know how to customize WordPress theme.

I’m going to explain 3 easy steps to make this possible.

And here is the upside.

Once you know the steps, you can use the same basic principles to easily customize any WordPress theme going forward.

For this article, I’m going to use the 2016 theme by

Before going to details, have a look at the default 2016 theme (image below → Top), followed by the changed look of the same theme done with 3 simple steps.

We are going to change the following default 2016 theme

2016 theme before 3 steps to customize WordPress theme

to the dark colored theme as under

2016 theme after 3 steps to how to customize WordPress theme

Okay, now that you’ve some idea about the changes in the look, watch the video below that shows how to customize WordPress theme and make it uniquely yours.

Mind you, I’ve done just 3 minimal customizations, so it is not difficult to understand and implement.

Once you gain some expertise, you will feel comfortable to make more changes in your theme as you want, to make it more personalized and unique. For example, you may not want a dark website, you may prefer some other color.

First, watch the video below.

As I have explained in the video, you want to make just 3 changes to customize any WordPress theme, and make that uniquely yours.

They are –

1. changing the colors,
2. changing the images, and
3. changing the fonts.

In other words, every time you make the 3 changes, you get a mint fresh WordPress theme, while keeping everything else unchanged.

The video above explains the first 2 steps – (a) changing the color, and (b) changing the images.

We will now look at changing the fonts with additional CSS codes.

A word of caution here.

It’s always advisable to create a child theme and alter the codes there instead of doing it in the parent theme.

WordPress gives a separate place to include additional CSS codes (refer the video), even so a child theme may be necessary especially when you want to make changes to other parent files, e.g. functions.php, comments.php, etc., the latter to hide comments from non-logged-in users.

Additional CSS codes

The additional CSS codes must be included in the place that WordPress suggests (image below).

This way you can avoid dealing with the codes directly in the theme, which is a good idea if you haven’t installed a child theme.

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