Freelancer’s Guide to Book Appointments on Your Website Minus Hassle

Book appointments on your website

If you are a freelancer, using a WordPress website, and want to make it easy for your clients to book appointments on your website, then this how-to guide is for you.

Often, we, the WordPress users, are prone to using a plugin for any added service. And, honestly, there are very good plugins indeed, that solve myriad needs.

For once, we will look at NOT using any plugin for this crucial need to allow clients book appointments on your website by simply using some codes.

What this means is that –

  • there will be no dependency on the functioning of your website, except that the page that carries the booking system shows up when visited (this is a non-issue if you ask me),
  • both you and the person seeking appointment will be automatically informed by email about the scheduling of the meeting, and
  • both of you will be informed again closer to the meeting time, making it convenient not to miss the meeting.

Let’s first have a look at how this works.

After you embed the tool to book appointments on your website, it will work as shown in the illustration below:

This is how you can book appointments on your website

As you can see, it’s a sleek tool (and free), with clean easy-to-understand interface. It’s kind of intuitive, which in a subtle way ensures that the clients find it easy to book appointments on your website.

There is one great thing about the tool.

This feature (comes with Pro account though) allows you to accept partial or full payment securely from the invitees when they book appointments on your website for a meeting with you.

Okay, I’ll now explain how you can use the tool on your website in the steps below.

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