How to send large files online instantly for free & without registration

Send large files online easily

Search for send large files online, you’ll be swamped with hundreds of websites that do it for you.

The problem with plenty is that it’s difficult to make an informed decision.

By default, you’ll veer toward those that offer to send the maximum file sizes that you have. It’s human nature to aim for the most lucrative, even though you may not perhaps send very large files.

I believe it’s NOT a prudent idea to use just any website to send large files online, after all you’ll be sharing a lot of your information for that.

You’re going to give your email address, all the recipients’ email addresses, plus of course the files you’re going to send.

All this information is crucial, especially the email addresses of the recipients.

Would you feel assured to share this information with just about any website that promises to send large files online for free?


So, as you can see, caution is the watchword when you plan to send large files online to someone.

Would you use other websites to send large files online?

Before you use any of the other websites, ask yourself, what would you need them for?

Frankly, are you really going to send large files online that you cannot do with your free email service?

I mean, look at Gmail, for example.

From March 2017 it allows receiving of email up to 50 megabytes, even though the limit for sending email stays at 25 megabytes.

To send large files online, you can insert files from Google Drive into the message. That can solve much of your problems.

See the screenshot below.

Use Google Drive to send large files online

Microsoft’s Outlook allows you to send large files online as email attachments not exceeding 20MB in each case, even though you may do some hacking to raise this limit to 25MB, like Gmail’s.

There are other options.

Instead of sending large files online as email attachments, store them on free cloud servers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., and send the links of those files to the recipients.

I’ve below a screenshot of nicely collated information – sourced from here – on free cloud storage to send large files online.

Use free cloud storage to send large files online

In addition to them, you also have top-class cloud storage services from Sync (up to 5 GB), pCloud (up to 20GB), MediaFire (up to 10GB) among others.

Instant emailing of large files

Okay, now that you’ve good idea on the free cloud storage options available to you to help send large files online, let’s turn our attention to the combo service.

The combo service is what this article is about – how to instantly send large files online free and without registration or any login.

An important difference here is that the files you send may or may not be stored beyond a certain time. The main service is the instant emailing of the heavy files.

As I already mentioned above, I will only give you those services which I believe have high integrity and service quality.

Let’s begin.

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