Why Embed Google Forms in WordPress Website (Hint: It’s Super Easy & Free)

Embed Google forms in a WordPress website

For someone using WordPress for career or business, there are quite a few solid reasons as to why embed Google forms in WordPress website.

In this post we are going to talk on that but let me show you an exciting stylish way to embed Google forms in WordPress website.

You may also use an image link for the same purpose, or a button, like the ones below.

↓ Click on Image and then Button to Check Out How They Work ↓

Click here

In each case above, the Google forms open on modal popup, and I'll be explaining how to do this soon in a separate article. Stay tuned, or better still, become a subscriber.

You’ll notice that there are 3 different Google forms that can be accessed on the same page, shown in the illustration below.

Embed Google forms in WordPress website

This is great help since –

  1. you’ll be able to avoid the clumsiness of displaying 3 (or even more if needed) forms on the same page,
  2. yet at the same time, you gain from the advantage of feature-rich Google forms for free.

In a future post I’ll be explaining the use of modal popup to embed Google forms in WordPress, for now have a look at the main reasons why use and embed Google forms in your WordPress website.

7 solid reasons to embed Google forms in WordPress website

Collecting visitors’ information is the backbone of any business, more so for online businesses.

No wonder that there is such a wide variety of forms available in the market. Google forms is however special for good number of reasons.

  1. Google forms is free and is equipped to collect a diverse range of information from the visitors.
  2. The template gallery provides ready-to-use forms, including some typical ones, like event registration, customer feedback, course evaluation, online quiz, work assessment, etc.
  3. Responses are auto-saved in spreadsheets in Google Drive connected with your Gmail account, you may wish to download in a CSV file if required.
  4. Depending on your file-sharing settings in Google Drive, you can request file uploads from respondents.
  5. The forms reside on Google servers, and you can send links in your emails to the prospects to collect information. Better still, embed Google forms in WordPress website as shown above.
  6. Present your questions in multiple formats to the respondents to get the best answers. Some examples → multiple choice, checkboxes, short answer, paragraph, linear scale, multiple choice grid, checkbox grid, and so on.
  7. Google forms Chrome extension is a fabulous tool to create online tools and surveys. Find it here.

As you check out the features, it is not difficult to understand why Google forms is so popular among freelancers and small businesses.

Let’s now see how best to use and embed Google forms in a WordPress website.

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