Simple MS Paint Drawings Every Amateur Can Do

Love this MS paint drawings

The image above is one of about six MS Paint drawings I discovered when in July last Microsoft announced discontinuing the tool from the Windows 10 update due soon.

A day later it reversed the decision presumably due to outpouring of ‘grief’ from all over the world.

This was a surprise to many since in the Photoshop and post-Photoshop era it was difficult to imagine that people still valued MS Paint so much, but thank heavens they did.

For otherwise I wouldn’t have spent time unearthing some of the most enduringly immortal MS Paint drawings created by talented artists.

I have listed some of these MS Paint drawings at the end of this article for inspiration. Plus there is a video that shows all the steps to draw a sea beach with coconut trees. Just WOW!

This article is about how you and I and every amateur can make simple MS Paint drawings. And about how best you can use MS Paint for your graphic design works.

Let’s first look at the basics of the tool MS Paint.

Toolsets for MS Paint Drawings

MS Paint is an easy tool to use.

In many design schools, both online and offline, MS Paint is often taught as one of the first computer tools to the pupils.

Since it (so far) comes pre-installed with Windows at no extra cost, and is also a lightweight tool, users find no reasons not to try it for their works.

I’ve prepared an animated illustration below that shows the main toolsets one could use to create MS Paint drawings.

Toolsets for MS Paint drawings

Some of the features I often use are –

a) Resizing an image.

This helps me when I want to proportionately reduce the size of an image which I download from free image resourcing sites.

b) Rotating an image.

In some situations I may need to rotate an image or flip it horizontally or vertically. This feature is super-helpful for that.

c) The Fill tool, the Brushes, and the Shapes.

For me all the three complement one another, though the Fill tool is used more often. It is easy to create an interesting shape with two different foreground and background colors while selecting a Natural pencil brush for example.

I will show some simple examples below of how these can be encouraging to attempt creating engaging MS Paint drawings.

d) Color palette & Edit colors.

Color is the life of any graphic, so no surprise that I almost always use these two tools when I use MS Paint.

e) Save in different formats.

This once again is super-helpful if you ask me. Earlier you could save an artwork only in BMP, but now there are more options available to save your MS Paint drawings, like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and even monochrome BMP.

Examples of MS Paint drawings

Let me now show you how I did some amateurish MS Paint drawings for my need.

Surprisingly, many readers like simple illustrations and sketches, which may be because, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is a simple MS Paint drawing I did.

The steps I followed to do it come after that.

Simple MS Paint drawings

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