This Secure Image Storage Online Is Free – Store & Embed Your GIFs, PNGs, JPEGs

Free secure image storage online

Ask any blogger, what’s the biggest worry to use images?

Seven out of ten will mention the need for secure image storage online.

For good reasons.

Even though many hosts give you ‘unlimited’ storage space, often there is a clash between that and the bandwidth you’re entitled to, especially on shared servers.

Most small websites are hosted on shared servers because of low costs, and so the problem of image storage online remains a worry.

That worry only gets worse since many bloggers do not use any image compressor, like the ones discussed here, to cut image sizes, even though they can do that with minimum loss in quality.

Fortunately, as an offset to that problem, there exists an excellent free and secure facility for image storage online, which if you ask me, is a blessing for bloggers and online teachers.

What’s more, you can upload animated GIFs, in addition to your PNGs and JPEGs to this image storage online, and you can even embed them on your posts and pages by simply copying and pasting the insert codes.

It’s one of my favorite tools.

In fact, I’ve linked all the thumbnail images in my bestselling e-book, Monetize the Teacher in You, to their original full-size counterparts tucked away in the image storage online.

For the readers of my e-book it’s a boon, since they can see important illustrations like charts, tables, animated GIFs, etc. in original sizes. And that in turn helps them understand the topics better and faster.

Okay, so let’s go over to my favorite tool for image storage online.

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