Unlock Blog Post Ideas with Free Tools (4 Surefire Models)

Best blog post ideas

Inventing blog post ideas is a tough job as it requires a good deal of time and effort, which - small website owners will agree - is difficult to manage.

Ideally, it makes good sense to rework and reuse blog post ideas that have already seen success with some clever tweaks.

This is not to suggest that you just copy paste the contents of the popular posts. Far from it.

At the same time, remember that there isn't any bar to borrow the concepts from popular blog post ideas, and then write your own post.

Now comes the hard part.

How to get blog post ideas? The ones that are popular, have seen success?

You surely can’t rely on search results alone, though that’s a good place to start.

What you need are places where there are enough visitor footprints that collectively give you fairly accurate blog post ideas.

This is what we are going to explore in this article, we will look at some definitive result-oriented steps for unique blog post ideas to create our own posts.

In our experience, there are mainly 4 models of discovering blog post ideas, and we are going to talk about them in detail, along with clearly illustrated steps you must take to work on them.

Plus, as an added bonus, I’m going to reveal to you the most popular blog post ideas based on an exhaustive study done by a renowned organization. They have also ranked the traffic share percentages of the top 10 blog post ideas. So you know what type of blog posts you need to write.

You must know this because you’ll then know which are the most ideal blog post ideas for you to pursue and exploit.

Let’s begin.

Model 1 – Follow the leaders for blog post ideas

It doesn’t take a degree in quantum physics to find out who the leaders are in an industry.

Action 1

Head on to Google, and just type in terms that start with encomiums like ‘most popular sites on…’ or ‘most visited blogs on…’ or suchlike.

Chance is there’ll be numerous list articles that typically have headlines like 21 Travel Bloggers to Follow, The Top 30 Preschool Sites, The 12 Awesome Law Blogs, 30 Must-Follow Parenting Blogs, and so on.

The drill now begins.

Action 2

You must comb through those list articles concerning your niche, visit the websites mentioned in them, and do some diligent evaluation in terms of quality, relevance, and frequency of the posts in the different sites.

When you do that you should be able to pinpoint no more than say 5 sites which you must keep an eye on.

Action 3

Either subscribe to the feeds of these sites, or visit them 2-3 times a week to see the posts being created in them.

In about a month’s time you’ll be able to identify the blog post ideas in your niche that have more demand than others.

These are the ones for you to pursue.

Putting words to action, I’ve found the following leading sites in their respective segments.

Needless to say, you’ll get lots of blog post ideas studying these sites, or those in your niche.

Take a look.

Condé Nast Traveler for travel blog post ideas

Conde Nast traveler website for blog post ideas

eLearning Industry for blog post ideas on eLearning

Blog post ideas on e-learning

Quicksprout for blog post ideas on internet marketing

Blog post ideas on internet marketing

Copyblogger articles for blog post ideas on content marketing

Find blog post ideas on content marketing

Model 2 – Follow the data

Data is a powerful source for blog post ideas.

How nice it will be if you do a study on your niche topic, and collect data yourself or from different authentic sources. You’ll literally have a big treasure of blog post ideas to cash in.

Don’t worry though. If you don’t go to data, let the data come to you.

One of the biggest repositories of meaningful, well-compiled, diversified sources of data is Pinterest.

In the form of infographics.

Many top content marketers routinely use third-party infographics for their blog posts, I’ll come to an interesting story in another article.

The point is, you too can do the same.

Which is to use top-ranking, popular infographics to generate your blog post ideas.

Here is one example below.

Get blog post ideas from infographics

In today’s globalized world, raising kids is a growing concern for many people. If you’re in this niche, the infographic above or the actual article can easily trigger at least 3-4 blog post ideas, if not more.

Take another example.

This infographic on email marketing vs social media marketing will give plenty of blog post ideas

There is no shortage of data on hot topics like email marketing and social media marketing as in the image above. Can’t you generate 4-5 blog post ideas based on this article? Sure, you can!

Here is more inspiration for you from this list of 7 most shared infographics of this year.

Model 3 – Follow the crowds

We have so far looked at digital assets that have already earned fame for our blog post ideas.

The opposite to it will be to find out what the crowds want to know to solve the problems they face, and translate those concerns into blog post ideas.

Finally, we must find out the digital assets, mainly blog posts, that are continually favored by the readers to identify the topics to write on.

The simple schematic below illustrates my point.

These are the 4 ways to generate blog post ideas

Let’s find out what the crowds want to know in some niche topics.

These are sure pointers to the blog post ideas you must cultivate and exploit.

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