Write the Best Sales Script with Your USP

Objective & goal for this course

Often, you may not be aware what your main expertise is, what is unique about you that stands you apart from the others. This is quite common among professionals who do a lot of varied works.

In this course, we lead you through a series of mind exercises that help you ‘discover’ your unique strength that has a selling value. In the next stage, you’ll test your Unique Selling Proposition in the real world, so you know what works, what doesn’t.

Finally, you will follow a 10-step sure-shot formula to write the best sales script for your value proposition. An actual sales script is given to you to compare your script with this.

1. Identify Your Subject Matter with These 3 Crucial Mind Exercises


You must know 'what is it' you are expert at, what is unique in your offer. You must be clear about how others can benefit from your offer.

In this mini e-book, I’ll explain 3 remarkable, proven to help, genuine mind exercises. Together, they will help you pinpoint a valid, viable online ‘offer’ tailored to market your expertise and ability.

2. Test Your Value Proposition with 4 Models


You have to align your Value Proposition in line with the Popular Demand. But, how do you know popular demand?

There are mainly 4 models to find out popular demand, and after you complete this e-book, you'll know how to apply the same models for testing or validating the value proposition of your offer.

3. Secret Formula to Create Kickass Sales Letter


It’s often said that successful selling is more about understanding the human psyche, and less to do with the quality of product or services you’re selling.

In this e-book you’re going to learn 10 crucial steps to create powerful video sales letter that has the ability to transform your prospects into buying mode.

4. Actual Sample of a Sales Letter That Rocks


In this e-booklet I’ll give you the actual sample of the sales letter for one of courses on making video from PowerPoint.

Download the entire sales script. Take a good look at it, then break the script as per the 10 steps I just explained in the last lesson. Finally, write down your sales script with necessary modifications.

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