Successful Web Business Planning for Beginners

Objective & goal for this course

Many brilliant people I’ve come across are skeptical about starting a business on the web, some of them are confused about how to start, some feel (wrongly) that there is too much competition, some also feel (again wrongly) that selling/marketing on the web is sleazy.

In this beginner’s course, which was created some time back and which still continues to be popular, the curtain finally lifts on what every startup web business must know to make a successful beginning.

There are 12 modules in this course, all with well-explained video lessons. As you study them you’ll FEEL confident to start your own web business, that’s for sure.

So, welcome to Successful Web Business Planning for Beginners.

1. Introduction to this course


The question many people ask is, do I need a website to start a web business?

Well, there are umpteen ways to make money on the web. And not all of them need you to have a website. In this introductory lesson I give you a look into how the course is going to help you to start a web business.

2. How this course benefits you


If you study the web business scenario closely, you will come across 2 very distinct features, and both are important to understand in proper perspective.

This lesson was created a few years back, but the logic remains strongly relevant for the foreseeable future.

3. Yes, you should start web business


It is of vital importance to understand why a business – any business – should have presence and be accessible on the web.

Check out this video lesson for the compelling reasons you may not have thought about.

4. Why it is best now to start a web business


In this video, we talk about some 9 important issues about the web, and how we are adopting it for our benefits.

You get a clear picture of why the time is ripe now to start a web business.

5. What are your main obstacles to start web business


What holds you back to start a web business?

In this lesson we discuss the results from 2 surveys that throw interesting information. Though one survey was done sometime back, it still rings true for many small businesses.

Watch the video below for more.

6. How to know which business is right for you


There is no magic bullet, really. But, consider this. A business is nothing but solving people’s needs. And so it can be said that any business that caters to any of these needs will be in demand.

In reality a lot will depend on your perception about people's demands, and YOUR ability to fulfill them.

This video gives a clear direction on the main points to consider.

7. Three case studies of successful startup


You maybe thinking it *takes a lot* to successfully start a web business. In most cases the 2 main reasons to succeed are plain simple common sense, and perseverance to walk the extra mile.

In this video you'll see 3 case studies wherein the three entrepreneurs almost accidentally launched successful businesses.

In your case it maybe different, but nonetheless watching this video will be a breathe of fresh air for you.

8. Is it too late to start 'my' business


It's a dilemma many of us face, often. It’s the fear deep inside that perhaps *my target market, or my line of business is already overbooked* and is no longer profitable, or available to explore.

In most cases though this is a wrong assumption. Why?

Find out what a highly successful entrepreneur has to say on this.

9. What business means for a startup


At the basic level, a business is the simple process of giving people what they want and getting the price for that from them. A successful business is one that gets large amount of price for what it gives to the people.

A successful startup must know who its target customers are. This is crucial as you'll find out in this video where I tell you the real-life story of an engineer-turned-entrepreneur that I watched unfolding from close quarters.

10. Nine things you must know when you start a business


You have come across stories of stupendous success by some people in their business. Their stories are dazzling and at the same time *so down-to-earth* that you start believing you too can earn millions like them if you follow what those super-successful entrepreneurs did.

The reality in most cases is starkly different. There may be some successes, but the number of failures is usually noticeably high.

So how would you go about being a success after starting a business?

Get to know 9 crucial facts in the video below, straight from the accounts of a life coach who struggled a lot before she turned the tide and emerged victorious.

11. Nine reasons your web business marketing can go wrong


No matter what you do, you must do marketing for your business. It's an inseparable part of any business, whether you like or not.

In fact, as we discussed in the last lesson, *you must be a brilliant marketer* because no one else is going to do the marketing for you.

In the video below, we'll be looking at some important factors that affect marketing efforts of any startup company.

12. Finally, what business should you start


So, you want to start a web business. That’s good, because the future of business is on the web. We discussed this before.

The issue is, what type of business should you start?

True, you've lot many options. But you must decide on something that you can pursue ... *with the resources you have at your disposal*.

This video lesson gives you a leg-up on how you must proceed.

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