Make a Complete Typography Video in PowerPoint with Voiceover

Objective & goal for this course

In the mini-course, Text to Video, you learned the skills to magically transform plain texts to a typography video in PowerPoint.

What lacked, however, was the voiceover narration which is so essential for any video.

So, in this 4-part mini course, learn using an excellent free tool to record and edit your voice narration. Then, in the third lesson, you’ll acquire the skills to embed the voice clips in the PowerPoint slides for a faultless typography video.

What is unique in this mini course is that you won’t need any external video editor for synchronizing your voice with the slides. You can do everything in PowerPoint.

1. Record Your Voice Narration with this Free Tool


Recording your voice and then editing the voice track to make it noise-free is the first work to do.

The good thing is, you can do all that with an excellent free tool. In the video lesson below, you'll know about the tool, and how to record your voice narration.

2. Edit Your Voice Track to Make It Noise Free


You may take all the cautions to avoid noise in your voice recording. Yet, some noises like your breathing may still creep in.

The truth is, there can be more noise, which you can know only after you play back the track when the recording is over.

Fortunately, using the same free nifty tool as in lesson-1 above, you can eliminate noise in your voice track to a large extent.

Watch the video below to learn how to do that.

3. Synchronize Your Voice with PPT Slides


This undoubtedly is the most crucial part of this course.

You're going to learn the skills to synchronize your voice narration with the PowerPoint slides.

Surprisingly, the technique explained in the lesson below is pretty easy and doable. Learn it now.

4. Produce Final Typography Video with Voiceover


Producing a video in the popular MP4 format is not difficult with PowerPoint.

But, before you produce the video you may want to optimize the media files (in this case, only audio tracks) to control the final video size. Learn doing this in this lesson.

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