Magically Transform Text to Video with PowerPoint

Objective & goal for this course

Often you’ll find videos lacking clarity. Avoid this problem to a large extent by converting text to video. Your message becomes clear to your audience when you create a typography video for communication.

In this 6-part mini course, you’ll start with plain texts in Notepad, and end up making your best, eye-catching typography video in PowerPoint.

Along the way you’ll pick up the skills to create and use Master Slide in PowerPoint to design and re-design all the slides so that your video is liked and admired by the viewers.

1. Transfer the Text from Notepad to PowerPoint


The first step for text to video is to organize the texts in a text editor, Notepad is cool. You may want to have the script in ALL-CAPS. So, make all the changes with free cool tools.

Once your script is ready, you'll transfer it to PowerPoint into exact number of slides as you wanted. Learn doing all that in the video below.

2. Create Master Slide in PowerPoint


After you've the video script spread over the number of slides as you wanted, it's time to design them for good look. This is the second step to convert text to video.

In PowerPoint, this work can be done by creating a Master Slide that controls the look of all the slides in the presentation. The video lesson below explains the steps to do this.

3. Format with Suitable Font


As you can expect, fonts play a big part in typography video. It is important to select a font that not only looks good, but also gets accommodated in the individual slides.

This is an exciting design work for converting text to video, and you'll enjoy doing it in PowerPoint. Watch the video lesson below.

4. Modify the Background


Like font, background of the slides is a major design consideration for text to video. Would you like a light background, or dark, or perhaps a gradient background.

As you know, PowerPoint has all the options of providing a wide selection of backgrounds. To know hw to go about, view the video lesson below.

5. Control Transition Between Slides


We are now coming to more finer controls in the text to video setup in PowerPoint. We will look at deciding the transition type and time between the slides.

As the video lesson below explains, you may want to opt for faster transition, and also select different transitions between the slides.

6. Make a New Design & Produce Typography Video


Let's turn more adventurous. In this last lesson for text to video, we will repeat all the previous exercises from scratch, but we will do this on a dark background.

It'll be great as you'll soon find out in the video lesson below. At the end of it, we will produce the final exciting typography video.

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