A Beginner’s Introduction to CSS with Examples

Objective & goal for this course

If you have even remote connection to web development, you ought to know CSS or Cascading Style Sheets.

The reason for that is, CSS can dramatically change the look and feel of your website. And who doesn’t know that a good design always impresses visitors!?

This 4-part mini course is a beginner’s guide to what CSS is, and what it can do to improve web design. It aims to trigger your curiosity to understanding the scope and power of using CSS intelligently in your websites.

1. What Is CSS?


You need CSS because you can't afford to do without it.

In this video lesson (below) you get an excellent bird's eye view of what CSS is, and why you need it. See some examples of great websites to invigorate you to the scope of CSS.

2. Some Quick CSS Examples


Nothing can be more illustrative than actual examples.

In this video lesson, you'll see how by adding CSS, the appearance of a web page can change dramatically. Also download the CSS script used in the video lesson for your study and use.

3. Understand 3 Type of CSS


There are mainly 3 types of CSS - External, Internal and Inline.

This video lesson shows you the use of all 3 types in a live page, and explains how each type can influence the design of any web page.

4. Adding CSS to WordPress


WordPress is a free and popular website creation tool, though purists are more likely to call it a CMS or Content Management System.

If you're using WordPress and you want to add your customized CSS to your website, this may be difficult especially if you're new to doing this.

With that in mind, this video lesson explains how you can use a plugin to add CSS on all pages and/or also on selected posts or pages.

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