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Tech hacks for WordPress, content writing, graphic design, tools and apps

We show you how to do things. So that you can do them yourself.

Most of the tips and guides online are just that — mere words. They tell you to do this, that. But they do not tell you how to do them. In contrast, our tech hacks actually tell you how to do things by yourself. With us, you get to learn the actual doable skills that stand you apart from the crowd.

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Undo obstacles with WordPress tech hacks.

WordPress is the lifeline of millions of businesses. If you are a small enterprise, you’ll know how difficult things can become whenever any technical issue arises. We help you with useful and helpful WordPress tech hacks covering a wide gamut of possibilities which you can do yourself. Check out the latest posts now.

Useful WordPress tech hacks for your business

Tech hacks for graphic design can be fun and easy

Design graphics in easy uncluttered ways.

Free stock images, videos, animations and some excellent tools have made graphic design both fun and easy. We show you different techniques to create graphics for your everyday needs, both in your website and social media. Find out more with graphic design posts.

Create better contents people love.

Creating the right content is a big challenge. At the outset, the content should be able to not only attract visitors but also retain them. In this section we explain the principles and concepts of good content. You also get to learn the different tools and techniques proven to create good contents, including articles, animations, slides, videos, screencasts, etc. for your website and social media. Find out the latest content tips here.

Cool tech hacks for creating better contents

Tech hacks for tools and apps to boost productivity

Use tools and apps that boost productivity.

Let’s admit. There are far too many tools and apps than one can probably keep a count of. New tools and newer versions of old tools are emerging all the time (just keep a tab on Product Hunt). That said, I usually cover those tools and apps that I have used and I know they’re good. Take a look at these suggestions.

To recap, these are 2 top reasons that make us different.

#1: Learn doing things others ‘only’ tell you.

Learn actual tech hacks that othrs 'just' tell you

There’s a difference between being told and being taught. Our tips fall in the second category. We use screenshots, annotations, animations, videos, etc. that explain the actual steps to take. There’s no guesswork, all solid ‘meat’, unlike most others.

#2: Free templates, free other things.

Free tech hacks, free templates, free animations for members

Free e-books, free webinars are common. We too give them for free, but we also give you free templates for creating contents for your blog, for marketing, for your online course. In most of these, just change the texts or images, and you’re good to go.

One subscription, multiple takeaways.

Tech hacks + e-books + creative templates + free advice + more.

Tech hacks + newsletter + e-books + templates + more

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